7 Day Nature Challenge/ Day 6

We went to our favorite beach yesterday (College Cove just outside of Trinidad CA), there was an extra low tide in the morning. We found starfish, sea enemies, crabs, barnacles, muscles and many extra rocks to climb and explore. The clouds assembled near the end of our time there. We are fortunate to live so close to such rugged, wild yet accessible beauty. I chose to share scenic images from our experience for today.

I said yes to the challenge from Pike at ArtKorppi II, post nature images for 7 days. Her images remind me of walking silently through nature, she peeks quietly through her neck of the woods giving me a sense of what it must be like to be a small animal living where she lives. I adore the perspective she offers through her lens. Please do take a look at her blog if you love to get lost in nature. And, if you are interested in participating in this challenge as well please let me know in the comments. I will nominate 7 bloggers on day 7.


    1. So happy to bring you along! It was a fun morning. Always so surprised that few others are ever there. Having a beach like this to ourselves is quite a gift.

  1. LOVE! You’re so lucky to be so close to these beautiful places. We have beautiful places here as well but driving through traffic always makes it a challenge to get to.

    1. Yes, traffic does take the wind out of the sails of nature bliss. We drive home through farms, forest and more ocean views. I say to my husband every time…we are so lucky to not only have these views but have no traffic to diminish the experience on the way home! Thanks Laura 🙂

    1. We live about 15 min from Trinidad and love it. It is a magical place that I appreciate even more every time we go. How fun that we have that connection.

      1. Oh I am green with envy! It is fun I run into so many people who know of the area or have lived there. I have a cousin who was raised in Westhaven back when. So fun to have run into you. 😀 Are the photos on your blog all yours? I am assuming that they are.

      2. yes, they are all mine 🙂 I have a Sony RX100 point and shoot that I love. Let’s me capture what I see while still able to run after my young boys. I have fallen in love with photography, learning a lot and enjoying the process.
        It is fun to meet others who have an affinity for an area like this. I am so grateful this area is as rugged yet accessible as it is. We just moved here less than 2 years ago, still learning about all the great places to explore. Really happy to connect with you too, looking forward to enjoying your posts!

  2. Carrie, after a week in which I let busyness divert me from blogging, I returned to find the results of your 7 day challenge. I’ve studied all of your photographs. They are marvelous. The ones that spoke most to me were of the redwood tree near your house because of the thankfulness you expressed for it in both words and photographs. Every trip I’ve made to the redwoods, I have counted myself as blessed. The other was of your boys bicycling when the road was closed. I find all your photographs of your sons appealing because as I look at them and read your thoughts, I feel our future will be in your boys’ good hands one day, and they will know the value of the beauty that surrounds us. I only wish more of our youngsters were taught to enjoy and notice the way yours have been.

    1. 🙂 yes, I have been busy. It has felt fun to post so much. I love nature, everyday I post, but it felt fun to dive in this way over the past week.
      Thank you for enjoying and looking and your thoughtful comment. It means a lot, really. I hope my love of such natural beauty rubs off on them simply where they won’t know a way to not have it with them. Thank you so much, Janet.

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