Intimate Spring

I am drawn to
your vulnerability
pastel hues sun dripping rain
showers an outside awakening
calling from the window
to open to the freshness
cool damp breeze
softly touching every new leaf
now dancing
with the bees an undercurrent
of endless growth revving
Up everyone!
still in winter and asleep

It is hard to believe, but Monochrome Madness is almost at its second anniversary. This was my runner-up to the challenge for April “Up Close”, which happens to fall on the MMC anniversary. You will have to come back next Wednesday to see my entry.

Spring is such a contrasting time of the year for me. I love all the bright, happy light. There is more energy, anticipation, plans for summer and more. But, there is also an unease to the season, wild fluctuations in weather and temperatures, a push to accomplish a lot, the drive to get outside and even an emotional unease. I think it comes from being so protected and covered up with layers and jackets, the new exposure of less layers is not an easy one for me. It is like I don’t trust that the temperature will stay comfortable.

You can find more entries to this weeks Monochrome Madness brought together by Leanne Cole each week, HERE. Please be sure to look for next week’s MMC posts from so many celebrating the anniversary.


    1. Awe, thank you Maria. I love this challenge each week. I have always appreciated black and white photography. It gives me a chance each week to pretend I am a monochrome photographer πŸ™‚ I find my poems come much more quickly and deeply when I am writing for this challenge. Anyone is welcome to join, you should submit entries too! It is a nice group.

      1. All the details are on Leanne’s post. There are themes the first Wed of every month. Otherwise, it is just what ever you want to submit. Make sure the picture is 1000 pixels on the longest side, send an e.mail to Leanne at the latest on Monday. Attach the photo and give her your blog address html. She will include a link to your blog. Then check back on her post for comments on your photograph. It is a nice group of people, lots of interesting views and talents. I have really learned so much joining.

  1. The photograph does have a vulnerability to it, Carrie, and your poem captured it perfectly. I loved the last line: “still in winter and asleep,” because it describes my world.

    1. Yes, I feel like spring arrives at different times for everyone. It felt like the poem needed to recognize those still in winter. Thank you, I love photographers that can capture vulnerability, this was my attempt. So much to see within the depths of a flower πŸ™‚

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