Redwood Ripple

The past couple weeks have felt like a bit of a blur. My focus and feelings are a bit like this redwood bark, wavy and unpredictable. I have experienced some troubling vertigo episodes recently, 2 major ones in the last 3 weeks. Each have taken more than a week to recover from.

The spring light is gorgeous outside and I can only find the inspiration to lift my head to look out the window and wonder what it must feel like on my face much of the time. It is a hard place to be in. Mentally, I feel mostly the same, but physically I feel weakened and wobbly. Hopefully my doctor and I will get to the bottom of this crazy rabbit hole soon. Until then, be patient with my lack of posts. I am still seeing so much beauty but unable to share it with you as frequently as I would like.

**This post is part of Monochrome Madness, brought to us by Leanne Cole. Take a moment to enjoy the lovely gallery of monochrome, HERE.


    1. Thank you, Louise. I am just back from the doctor, we have a plan, hope it finds some results that are not too challenging. Redwood bark is amazing to get close to!

  1. There is no joy to be found in illness, but your love of photography is ever present, even when everything would be literally rockin’ and rollin’ for you at the moment Carrie you find a beautiful solid old Redwood sharing the ripples with you. Inspiring and revealing you are remaining spirited while your health riding out the ripples at the moment. This is a solid and strong photo of the bark on an old Redwood, hope your health plan is even stronger and you soon feel physically as great as you do mentally
    Hugs from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

    1. Hello Annie, I love your comment. Thank you, for seeing the strength in the giant redwood, for writing such tender words and for reaching out. You get it, I really appreciate that. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Reading this post and studying the evocative, symbolic photograph that accompanied it, I realized how I have come to depend on you to share your gift for finding beauty with me. I think I see my world more clearly since reading your words and seeing your world through your photographs. Be well, my friend. I’m thinking of you and hoping you are soon back out there feeling springtime on your face.

    1. You must know how much your comment touched me, Janet. What a gift, words can be. Yours, made me smile, feel proud and let me know I am saying (through my images and words) something. Today was a beautiful day, I felt able to enjoy it. Amazing how much more I appreciate the beauty when I haven’t felt part of it for a while. A day is a wonder!

    1. Thank you, for the thoughts and special view! It really is miserable. Happy to report I am having a good day today. I celebrated Easter with my family, we hiked, basked in the sunshine and marveled at the beauty of the ocean. It was a splendid day. I hope the progress continues. Have a wonderful week.

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