When we bought our house in October this tree was bare. It made sense at the time but as we have started to look over our yard we were pretty convinced it was dead. I had to talk my husband out of cutting it down actually, I am glad I was persuasive enough to have him wait until summer.

Recently, this incredibly hand-shaped (what I think is crab apple) tree sprouted blossoms. They are dainty and special and make me smile every time I look out my windows into the yard.


I have not been particularly happy with the focus of my images, it is a total hit or miss. Mostly this is due to me not learning enough about how to focus my camera correctly and that I shoot handheld. I can’t seem to fathom a tripod that would cater to my needs, getting down and close enough for my camera to focus properly and getting high enough, like in the case of this tree, where I stretched my arms up to reach the buds.

I am still on the low end of the photography curve. Today I decided to get a better handle on how my camera focuses, I learned a lot. So, hopefully I will be able to build on this new knowledge. I am in need of lots of practice.




    1. I love the pink hues on the tips of these blossoms, I couldn’t stop taking photographs. Fun to play with the focus, trying to it out 🙂 Thank you, Chris. Spring is such a delicate balance!

    1. That is so nice to hear, Maria. Thank you. I find myself living at the ends of my aperture settings 🙂 I love the incredible landscapes here and getting lost in details too 🙂 Fun to have a place to share so much!

  1. Don’t you think all of us need lots of practice when it comes to things we care deeply about? Whether it’s gardening or refinishing furniture or writing, I always know what I need to know more about and can see where I could improve with study and practice. Once, again, Carrie, I appreciate the way you share your thoughts about photography, a skill and passion foreign to me.

    1. Yes, I certainly do. Photography is a new found love that I find myself constantly learning from and about. Building on each new discovery is such fun. Thanks so much for continuing to support and follow, Janet.

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