One Four Challenge: February wk4

Our final week for this quarterly challenge. I can say after doing a number of these challenges that week 4 is often the most challenging for me. I don’t know what it is but I can’t make small improvements each week to a given image. Instead, I find myself searching and working toward four unique, stand-alone images. Finding that fourth image is often quite difficult.

I lost my edits to this particular version when I was editing last week’s image a bit further before presenting it here. So, I am not certain what I did exactly. I do know that I wanted to try a vertical version and I liked the fence behind these branches so I cropped where I found one branch with a few blooms in focus to center the image. It was a similar location to Week 2’s edit.  I also like the softening effect from “shooting through” the blooms at the edges of this image. I am pretty sure I used the “aged” preset in Lightroom and then worked a bit with the settings, in particular losing saturation. Then I specifically heightened the reds to bring out the pop of color I was after.

I do like the dreamy nature of this image and the soft white of the blooms. I find I really enjoy other photographers ability to capture the artful expression of a trees branches. I often find myself wondering how they are able to express a visual ease and order to the chaos of the branches. It is no where as easy as it looks, at least for me.

Here are all the edits from this months challenge:

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Please remember to visit Robyn at Captivate Me, HERE to find all the entries for the month. The instructions on how to participate and when the next one will happen are all there too.

Thank you for your support and comments during this challenge, it is wonderful to hear what you think of the images each week, I learn so much from each of you. I would appreciate hearing if you have a favorite edit from this month.


  1. I like week four; I think it is the unusual vertical approach and the barely discernible fence. But as always for me, the glimpses into your photographer’s mind was the real winner for me.

    1. So fun to have you following along with my thought process and creative experiments. Thank you, Janet. I like the extra components of the fence and coloring in the final version too. Happy to have a break for a couple months!

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