Flowers On Friday: Star Gazer

My husband was sick on Valentine’s Day so I decided to take my oldest son with me to the store to pick out dessert and flowers. He picked up this stem of Star Gazer lilies first, I almost said no. They are so bold and intense, not really my preferred flower.

I brought the bouquet into the light this morning and found a delicate wonderland waiting when I looked closer. I was thinking of my son as I was taking these photographs, how he simply thinks he is deserving of such boldness. Where I step away from the spotlight, finding the softer light more appealing he doesn’t feel right unless the light is bright and directly focused on him. It is who he is and I love knowing that I can find the softness in that bright light if I look close enough.



    1. So many have a very strong connection to them, I am glad you told me they were star gazer not tiger lilies. I wish I was better with flower names, I love flowers so much!

      1. Tiger lilies are also lovely, but they are orange. I recognize star gazers right away. They were the first flower that my dad gave my mom, and the first flower my husband gave me (without knowing).

        When my father passed, we covered his casket with them. Very meaningful flower to our family! I can cry just looking at them to be honest.

      2. Oh, that is a wonderfully meaningful connection and story. I can see why they mean so much. I won’t forget their name again after your comment! Thank you for sharing, have a wonderful Friday.

    1. 🙂 He is quite a soul. I need to see/feel/find moments like this to appreciate him as he needs me to. Thank you for reading, it means so much, Janet.

  1. My thoughts about the Star Gazer are similar, but you have sure brought out the beauty of this flower. and I enjoyed your words about your son, too.

    1. It was fun to get so close and I really was drawn in. Glad to hear there are more than just me who are not “in love” with the star gazer, but it is interesting to look at. And yes, thank you for reading my words, my son is quite a little man!

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