My Ocean Boy

I watched you
from afar walk slowly
towards the edge of the waves
and sand embracing the beauty
your feet bare
the waters pulling
you near wanting to touch you
to welcome you back
your arms raised opening your heart
to the vast views
warm sun and fog
slowly burning off
I am not sure what you were saying
thinking feeling and yet I know
the ocean was
listening to you


    1. Thanks so much, Chris. He was so in his own world at that moment. I am so happy I was there to capture it! What a treat. This was an incredible morning at the beach, we had this place to ourselves…so grateful.

  1. Such a special moment to see through your lens and words, Carrie. It warms my heart to see him in his own world, connecting in awe and in love with the great beauty and force of nature that is LA PACIFICA!!!

    1. Thank you, Britt! Yes, it is so special to see my boy have a relationship with such natural beauty. So thankful for such a place so close to home and the opportunity to visit often!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. What a thrill to watch my son embrace a moment that if I wasn’t holding my camera, I would have done the same 🙂 It truly is a marvel of a place, I go every chance I get.

  2. This photograph is priceless, Carrie. Your son with his arms raised opening his heart to the magnificence around him. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this image.

    1. It feels priceless to me to, Janet. I was teared up at the moment as I took the photograph, such a gift to see my boy love the beauty around him in such an open, innocent, wise way.

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