One Four Challenge: February wk. 1,2

I have missed the One Four Challenge for a number of reasons. The two main ones are the incredible people who participate, I learn so much and really appreciate the feedback you are all so willing to give. And second, I never give myself such creative freedom when I am editing images as I do with this challenge.

As you may have read in earlier posts, our winter has been very dreary. I am not complaining, the rivers, trees and soil all need this rain. But, the signs of spring have really caught my eye lately. It is so refreshing to see fresh lovely blooms reaching for the sun .

I wasn’t sure if I could find four edits for this image but it is the one I really wanted to work on, so I have missed the beginning of this challenge and I am posting both week 1 and week 2’s images together. This tree is on my neighbor’s property, just up off the sidewalk. The sun dances from branch to branch magically. Although it may look like multiple trees, especially in week 1’s version, it is just one very full in bloom tree.

Here is the original image:


Week 1:

I wanted to give the viewpoint of what a bird would see sitting on a branch within the tree. So, I cropped the image to showcase the center of the original image. I also warmed up the colors a bit and tried to give everything a realistic tone and feeling. I really liked the mighty DOF and how the blooms look as prolific as they were.


Week 2:

For this version I decided to focus on the interesting fence in the bottom third of the original image. I wanted to try to create a soft dreamy feel less realistic and more artistic. Again, I cropped the original, this time towards the lower right. I added a preset “Aged Photo” from LR and then further tweaked the exposure, highlights and individual saturation levels. The fuzzy top and bottom on this version is naturally there by “shooting through” close blooms. I didn’t create a vignette in LR.



I am still not sure about future versions but I am sure I will come up with something. This is a fun image to work on, I am looking forward to looking deeper within it for a couple more weeks.

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback. I am curious which of these two versions you prefer. I am also looking forward to seeing all of your recent work, for those participating in the challenge. If you want to participate, HERE are all the details from Robyn at Captivate Me. And, here are week 2’s details.


  1. Carrie, not only have I never participated in one of these 4 week challenges, I’ve never even looked at anyone’s posts. The first image drew me in though, and I loved the one with the emphasis on the fence. You captured my interest

    1. Oh hi Laurie, so wonderful to hear I peaked your interest. I love this challenge because I feel free to just create for some reason. I am excited about my other edits for this image too. It is fun and quite challenging to look closer! It is a quarterly challenge now, you should join in 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I love your assessments of this image – and the image itself!
    Both editions work for the reasons you’ve described. Really like the warmth you’ve added and the crops. The birds eye view works so well and does give a very prolific feel to the blossoms and the second with it’s pov and softness. So perfect!
    Welcome back Carrie 😀 It is good to be back.

    1. Thanks for looking so closely! I really appreciate it. I am happy to be back and enjoying looking at everyone’s images and creative opportunities. Glad to hear you think they each “work”, it is a nice image to work with.

    1. Yes, me too! Great to hear from you. Thanks for your take on the images too. Looking forward to hearing your opinion as we make it through the month.

  3. Though I’m amazed at what you did with the fence, Carrie, I think I prefer the bird’s-eye view: I like seeing the blossoms in various stages of development, and those that have completely bloomed are so full, lush, and abundant. Also, as always, I like reading your explanation of your craft and description of what you wanted to do. I’ll look forward to the next two versions.

    1. Thanks so much, Janet. Yes, I like the bird’s-eye view a lot. It is rather difficult to capture the abundance of blooms like this, at least for me. I was excited to see a way to make it work.
      I love that you enjoy my explanation and this post, it is a fun challenge. I have missed it. Looking forward to seeing what you think about my other versions. Thank you!

  4. I find both interesting for the very reasons you described – the bird’s eye view and the second one with the soft dreamy effects so, in my opinion you definitely achieved what you set out to do.

    1. Thanks so much, Lynne. Glad I found two versions that feel right to you. It is always interesting to hear and I appreciate you taking time to say so. Looking forward to next week.

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