WPC: Time

Some days it comes some
days it goes faster
or slower
depending on your woes

we strap it to our wrist trying
to catch a glimpse before
it runs away with the winds
one day

it begins to leave crumbs traces
lines of wear and smiles
extra late nights darkening
shaping and softening

a once blemish free surface
we can’t hide from
the truth the years
past memories etched
like glacial crevasses

on our face slowly deepening
and defining
our annual trek around
the sun another journey, time

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme “Time”. What a timely subject, it is my birthday today. I am always in a state of thinking about time as I add another year to my tally. I decided my own face, no make-up, a simple smile, taken today would best define time to me.

If you want to see more representations of time, click HERE.


  1. Happy Birthday, my friend. True story: I looked at the photograph for this post and thought, “I don’t know who that is, but I think I would like her. Maybe Carrie will identify her in the post.” I laughed with delight when I discovered it was you. My mind was more in tune with your poem; I immediately knew you were writing and I was reading about time. All in all, a perfect post for your birthday.

    1. Loved reading your comment, Janet. It was a bold, out of character move to post a photo of me! But, I was feeling the vice of time that day and went for it. I appreciate knowing you felt something within my image and wanted to know more. Thank you for the birthday happiness, it was a wonderful day.

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