Flowers on Friday: Raindrop size

I am sorry if my talking about the rainy winter we are having is getting old. But, it is still raining, the third major storm this week. The rivers are swollen, roads are crumbling north of us and east of us is the threat of landslides. We are safe and sound, I am so thankful our home has proper drainage.

One day this week the sun came out, I took advantage and walked a local trail to my favorite river rock collecting spot. I enjoyed the solitude while listening to the waves batter the shoreline over the dunes on the opposite side of the river.

I found these sweet tiny flowers on the side of the trail. So tiny, like smaller than your pinkie nail. Their pink highlights added just enough to the image that I wanted to share them today. I did try to capture the flowers and raindrops for scale but it was hard to tell if both were in focus and when I got home I realized they were in fact not in focus. Not worth sharing a blurry image, sorry.


  1. These are so gorgeous Carrie..and hello! Love that touch of pink.
    We are having a rainy, steamy summer here. Weather is ewww! Looking forward to Autumn. Very glad you are safe xx

    1. Hello! So good to hear from you. Steamy and summer don’t go well together, sorry. We are safe, sound and happy 🙂 Missing the sunshine lately, it will come soon enough. Thank you, I felt so happy to find such dainty little treasures on my walk the other day. Hope you are well!

  2. Beautifully captured! and I found myself holding my pinkie finger up to the image 🙂
    Glad you are safe and that your home is dry!

    1. I probably should have included an image with the raindrops just for scale! Thank you, Laurie. I really appreciate your thoughts, so glad we are safe and dry too.

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