Wander On

Head down wandering
on into the winds and inconsistent drips
knowing yearning exploring
leaning in to the wonder
of forward motion
despite the impending warning
of skies and weather brewing
before your eyes
your pace does not relent
nor does your fight to stay
upright on those irregular shaped stones
you teeter and tauter
giggling with each step
wandering on
and on

**This post is part of the wonderful challenge from Leanne Cole each week, Monochrome Madness. You can find all the other entries HERE.


    1. I really appreciate the Kudos, Heliopolister. The skies were impressive that morning and we were on the edge! I am so happy to hear you felt so much from my image, similar to how I was feeling about the coming storm.

    1. My boys have such fun wandering 🙂 I appreciate their “in the moment” viewpoint so much. Thank you for your kind comment and exploring so much of my blog today. I appreciate the “likes” and thoughts.

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