WPC: Optimistic

Blooms popping freshening
up this seasons grey exterior
quietly providing
creative eye catching color
infusing Spring-like energy
into a mostly dreary
winter day

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s them “Optimistic”. I was simply struck by the new blooms on a tree in front of our house this weekend. In the midst of storms and grey days these blooms feel it is almost spring! That feels quite optimistic to me. You can find more optimism, HERE.



      1. I thought so too, Maria. All of these trees are blooming all over town. Our temperatures have been cold and wet, wonder what they know!

    1. Yes, I love raindrops! We have had our share of rain for days and days so this color was such a surprise this weekend. I smile every time I pass by this tree catching the sun with the drops and pretty pink blooms 🙂

    1. It feels rather early to see such a burst of Spring. I will do my best to send you visions as often as I see them! That bright optimistic feeling is always worth sharing! You are most welcome.

    1. I totally agree, Louise. I am much more aware of those little gifts of optimism among the winter landscape here, quite a treat actually. Thank you!

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