Ahead of the Rain

Our skies have continuously filled with rain clouds for what feels like months. I promise, I am not complaining, we need all this rain. I saw a statistic that in the past 3 months we have had 29 inches of rain. No wonder I feel damp and our rivers are flooding their banks.

On Saturday it wasn’t raining just yet so my family wandered our local marsh for an hour. The churning skies spoke of impending rain and our pace quickened near the end as the drops began.

The tides have been extremely high the past few times I have been here. Today, was just the opposite. The shorebirds were everywhere happily calling, eating and playing in the strong winds blowing in ahead of the rains on the way.

I liked the churning movement of the sky just in the frame of what looks to me an old dock that is rarely uncovered here. I thought it would make a good entry for Monochrome Madness today. Please check out all the other entries on Leanne Cole’s blog, HERE.


    1. It feels mystical to look out at this view and know it isn’t in my mind. It is physically in front of me. Thank you, Janet, those churning skies are so motivating πŸ™‚

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