Flowers On Friday: Thistle

The Victorian Language of flowers defines the Global Thistle as representing independence and/or liberty.

I find thistles remarkable subjects. Every angle offers a different look and texture. I can also see the meaning holding form. You give someone a thistle or two and they are likely to stay away not wanting to get pricked or prodded. Giving you independence and liberty.


    1. I loved the book, “Language of Flowers”. It is a good read and the flower references, including a dictionary at the back are so fun! Thanks so much, Laura.

  1. Gorgeous picture, Carrie. Thistles are one of my favourite subjects to photograph, as well – they have some beautiful changes over the course of the year. The language of flowers is a fascinating subject. I can easily see how the thistle came by that meaning!

    1. Hello, Louise 🙂 Have you read the book? It is a good read. I can see it too! Glad to know you are a thistle lover like me. They are so fun to find a new angle on. Thank you!

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