2015 My Favorites

This year as I look back, is a year of honest growth and reflection. Many of you who follow this blog know that my images don’t feel complete without their words. Most of the time, the image blooms first and as I sit at my computer feeling I have something to say I can see which image I will chose. And, then I begin to look into the image and the words start to drip one by one on to the screen.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On my 40th birthday, I asked my family if we could go to the beach. It was blowing about 25 mph at least, the skies were billowing out of control and I knew I just had be in the thick of it. The wind whipped at my hair and pants and filled my jacket instantly. I stood on top of a dune feeling the force of mother nature and marveling at how alive I felt. The top sand layer was in constant motion from the winds and my son thought if he ran fast enough he could fly like a kite. Click this link to see the poem that goes with this image, “WPC- Motion”


I write my poems as one large run on sentence, no punctuation, no stopping in mid-thought, just continuous words. Then I edit them, only by  finding the breaks in between and then I read it out loud. Often I don’t have an ending or at least one I agree with so I begin reading the poem again and again adding or subtracting a word. The ending comes quickly, usually and then I find the title.

Monochrome Madness: I was playing around in Lightroom with some black and white filters when the sun popped in this image and I knew I would use it for MMC. I wrote the poem thinking of the feeling I get when I watch the sun just before it disappears beyond the horizon and you catch a glimpse of the enormity and speed of time. You can read the poem for yourself here, “Sun Worship”.


This process is intimate, meditative and I have made time for it almost everyday because it surprises me so often, the words in particular.

Poem/ Photograph: My relationship with the ocean and the shoreline have evolved greatly since moving to Humboldt County. It calls to me, often, and this poem and image are how I feel when the whispers begin. You can read the poem here, “A Whisper”.


Short Story: My husband was out of town and I was antsy for an adventure. So, I packed up the car with camping gear and my boys. We headed south to Richardson Grove Campground for a two night trip. The Eel River was beautiful and falling asleep to the silhouettes of these redwoods filled my mind with words that could only be told in a story. You can read the story here, “My Friend Red”.


So, my favorites are the posts that surprised me, made me proud to be a writer and photographer. They are meaningful because I found a voice I didn’t know could speak so rhythmically or a scene I didn’t know I could capture as I saw it. Thank you for noticing my words and vision and being a part of this incredible creative journey. Happy New Year to each of you.


  1. I want to become a better story teller during 2016! It’s a gift you have to write so beautifully to your photos. I’m still struggling with the flow of the English language (it’s not my native tongue.) I love the way you paint with words. Your photos are beautiful themselves, but with poetry to go with them, it ad depth, and purpose.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Your comment means a lot to me, Maria. Thank you for being so kind. Over this past year I have worked hard at writing as well as photography and I enjoy bringing them together.
      I participated in the WordPress Poetry challenge and I also did a 10 day challenge with a friend. It helps to challenge myself like that. If you are interested in writing poetry I would love to exchange words with you for a set number of days. It is amazing how quickly your craft grows when you do something like this 🙂 Happy New Year and keep writing!

  2. Such a lovely gift you gave us with your favorites. I especially enjoyed your explanation of why you picked them: they helped you discover a new rhythmic voice or capture a scene as you saw it. So thoughtful, Carrie.

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