2015 Your Favorites

In 2015 I have posted 185 times, wow. I thoroughly enjoy using photography and words to express myself and it feels really nice to know that you are here, reading and listening. Many of you come back week after week, post after post, offering your support and kind feelings towards my images and thoughts. It is remarkable. Thank you.

I thought I would share the most viewed Weekly Photo Challenge, Monochrome Madness Challenge, Photograph/poem, and story of the year. Tomorrow I will share my own favorites of this year.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The top 15 most viewed posts this year consist of Weekly Photo Challenges and One Four Challenge posts. My number 1 post this year was “Happy Place”.


Monochrome Madness: This challenge has taught me so much about photography, composition and expression. I find my words that accompany my monochrome images are more reflective and emotional. This makes sense since that is how I feel when I look at most monochrome images. The most viewed monochrome post this year was “Black Eyes”.


Photograph/Poem: Although every post of mine usually consists of a photograph and poem, I usually only post one or two a week without a challenge attached to them. These are the posts that I hit the publish button because I am ready to share them. They are not written for anyone but me. The most popular post was “Dragon Scales”.


Short Story: I don’t write short stories very often here. I do enjoy telling stories and I am often inspired to do so when I read Aunt Beulah’s blog, she is a marvelous story teller, poet too. This Thanksgiving my side of the family all celebrated this holiday in separate places around the country. I was longing to feel connected to them and this post easily wrote itself. “The Thanksgiving I am Most Thankful For”.


Did I miss your favorite? If so, please tell me, I would enjoy hearing what your favorites were.I will post my personal favorites of 2015 tomorrow. I am looking forward to sharing those with you and looking back yet again.


  1. Congratulations on all those posts! It’s amazing how time flies, eh? 🙂 I love that black and white ocean and cloud pic! WOW! They are all beautiful and your words are second to none. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself even in a comment! So THANK YOU Carrie for being you and sharing yourself with us. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    1. You are so sweet, Laura. Thank you! It means a lot that you read my words and cheer me on. And who knows what this New Year will bring, a book? perhaps 🙂 I have been dreaming of seeing my words nestled simply with my photographs in printed pages. I hope you have a wonderful New Years and step into this new year with your creative intention at the forefront of your heart 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. So I was going through this post, savoring and studying as I always do, when I came across your kind words about my blog, one of the best gifts I received this Christmas, my dear friend. Thank you.

    1. I have goosebumps 🙂 You are very welcome, Janet. It is true, you inspire me to write. I love your wit and perspective as well as your ability to laugh at yourself. Your words entertain me! I really do cherish this “on-line” friendship we have uncovered. Thank you!

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