WPC Gathering

My favorite type of gathering, a circle, in nature, holding space for each other and the surroundings.

Together connected
for a moment or maybe
hours circled in
conversation holding space
for one another breathing
at memories past and present
sharing time
colorful drinks
favorite generational dishes warming
from the inside out fanning
that inner flame
as the final darkest days
of the year succumb
to the light
Connected together

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is “Gathering”. You can find all of the entries HERE.


  1. An intriguing photograph that inspired you to write a poem, surprising and pleasing with its vivid imagery and unusual metaphor. What a wonderful phrase: favorite generation dishes. I’m sure all your readers knew exactly what you meant.

    1. Janet, this is another of the many treasures in the yard that inspired me to start collecting some of my own. I actually found a replica of this piece and now have it on my dinner table as a centerpiece. I love it.
      Thank you so much for your continued thoughtful comments and deep look into my words. You are a real treasure. I wrote this after finishing a solstice gathering of my mom’s circle that I now lead and started recently. The connection of light, food, sharing feelings and circling together always inspires me!

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