MMC- Angel

This week’s December theme is “angel”, you can find other monochrome angel’s HERE on Leanne Cole’s blog.

When I was in Portland for a 5 day women’s retreat this past August, the surrounding landscape of the home we were staying in was delicately adorned with angels, fairies, gnomes, animals and other special ornaments.

Everywhere I looked when I would walk the quiet path around the perimeter each morning, I would find another hidden something enjoying it’s place within the grounds. The moss covered, weathered statues were so welcoming and lovely. I decided when I got home that I would start collecting these types of treasures for my own yard.

I wanted them to grow into place and welcome those who found them when they might need them most. This angel was the first to find a place in my new yard. She isn’t as weather proof as I had hoped but she has a stunning soft face and loving expression which I wanted to share with you.


    1. Oh I love that, Janet. One of these days I may find a way to share all those incredible treasures in the yard and home of where I was staying. It was such an inspirational 5 days. The artwork and adornments inside as well as the grounds outside gave me such peace while I was there going deeply within myself and learning so much.
      I know it will take time to gather them for myself but when I find something I know must come and live in my yard it is such a wonderful feeling. I highly recommend it.

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