Chaos and Beauty

Today the sky was undone
wild showers releasing and cleansing beyond
my imagination stripping the land

And my thoughts bare
churning into dreams
wild dreams crashing before me

Swirling and smashing with intended abandon
creating a vision
of chaos and beauty

Quickly and simply
the light which always comes
broke through a gift I could share

This incredible view
with my boys and they will
dream too



  1. Brilliant Photo and great Caption too. Dreams are important Carrie. They are the one who propel us to great heights in this world and help us in achieving the impossible. SO Dream ON…

    1. My dreams take flight when I am in front of a vast ocean like this. This was an incredible open moment within 48 hrs of torrential rains and coastal flooding, including 25+ foot waves. I feel so fortunate to have shared this with my boys and their wonder at the power before us was something I won’t soon forget. Thank you so much for you kind comment! I really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks so much, Chris. It feels like a dream come true to get opportunities like this to share with my boys. I am so glad you enjoyed the images and words too 🙂

    1. Lovely to know that this chaotic sky caught your attention too. I could hardly believe our fortune that day. The downpour was relentless all day except for these 15 min that we happened to be in this spot. I could see the dreams from my boys taking shape and mine too for that matter! Quite an experience.

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