Flowers on Friday, Many Looks

I was inspired to see if I could find four interesting crops from one image. I enjoyed working with this subject, the delicate colors and painterly backgrounds held my attention easily. Getting an opportunity to take a closer look at this flower again and again felt wonderful. I hope to do more of this again soon.

Look closely if you wish, I would love to hear if you have a favorite.


    1. I guess I was in need of my own, one four challenge 🙂 Thank you, I enjoy that last image a lot too. In particular the background hues against the droplets.

    1. I love the One Four Challenge that I participated in a lot this past year. Looking at an image for more than one possibility is a really fun exercise 🙂 Thanks for looking them over. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed them, Laurie.

    1. Thanks so much, it really is fun to try to find hidden photographs within the original. I enjoyed the one four challenge for this reason too, I haven’t participated in a few months, I guess I was in need 🙂

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