Sun Worship

Photo By: Carrie  Moonstone Beach, Trinidad CA

How can you not worship
the sun as it begins

Its decent beneath
the horizon it calls you in

Your footsteps slow
no conversation can trump its glow

It is mesmerizing wonderful
a glowing ball of fire dipping

Dramatically faster than you want
to see time speed up

There is no stopping it
for an instant as your grounded feet keep you

In place you can almost feel
the full weight of the Earth’s rotation

Like a skidding automobile
on ice it is heavy in motion

And all you can do is enjoy
the ride as it disappears

In a blink
and the day is

time to marvel

At the dimming sky
and find the moon

**This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness challenge. Please view all the entries HERE, you won’t be disappointed. (She publishes her post around 1pm PST, I ‘ll update it when it is available)


  1. Beautiful perspective and poem, Carrie. During our last sailing cruise we enjoyed countless colourful and mesmerising sunsets and your poem mirrors our thoughts eevery night.

    1. So happy to hear this, Chris. Thank you. Yes, I can only image the perspective you get from the water. It must be quite an experience.
      The sun is setting so early here now, this one at 5 p.m. which meant we had fun playing at the beach and then enjoyed the sunset before heading home. My boys actually thought it would turn dark instantly with no sun in sight! They watched it disappear and then started running as fast as they could for the car hoping they would make it before we couldn’t see where we were going 🙂 So funny, not like they haven’t seen a sunset before but it was one of the first times they understood what was actually happening. A very found memory to say the least.

      1. I remember my nephew when he was 3 years old and visiting from France. We watched a sunset over the 12 Apostles, an iconic spot along the Great Ocean Road… He started crying – “the sun is gone forever!” It was his first sunset🌅

  2. Carrie, I experienced the feeling you describe in this line of your lovely poem, “for an instant as your grounded feet keep you/ in place you can almost feel/the full weight of the Earth’s rotation” I assumed no one else had ever felt that weight, and now I discover you.

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