Flowers on Friday: Balanced

Photo By: Carrie

This week has rushed by without feeling rushed. We trimmed up two of the 5 redwood clusters in our yard on Wednesday. I had no idea how much work it would be to clear the debris, wow. It was well work the work, the sunset last night was visible due to our clean up and so spectacular my son stood at the window until there was no color left.

I can see that balance, between life’s work and simple pleasures showing up more the more I notice it is there. I am really enjoying this ebb and flow and finding myself understanding and appreciating what is right in front of me.


  1. Hi Carrie, I love that you are finding that balance, and finding time for photography, too!
    It’s nice to be back and blogging and I look forward to visiting again.

    1. Hello, yes! A big welcome back to you too 🙂 Sorry you weren’t able to win but it was sure interesting hearing about it when you had a moment to spare. Balance is such an incredible thing to find! I am enjoying the ebb and flow of things at the moment, thank you!

  2. You sound so centered. Can you pass some of that to me? My apologies for not commenting earlier but I’m not getting through the entire reader each time and I must be missing your posts.

    1. No worries, Laura. I can only imagine how long your reader is! I appreciate your comments, whenever they come 🙂 And yes, feeling centered after a long time of a wild ride. My key as of now is that I love what I see! Out my window of my home, car and work. That gives me such a beautiful, in the moment, perspective…most of the time 🙂

      1. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? We had a long road that way as well. We are finally settled and I adore where we live. That is so important because it helps us feel centered. Hurray for us!!! And yes my reader is pitifully long. 😦

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