New View

Photo By: Carrie

I have dreamed of these trees
since I was a girl closing my eyes
feeling their roots expand into my heart their sap
seeping into my veins
their shade comforting my quiet pain
I have wondered if they were only in my dreams
so many times
I have vacationed under
their limbs knowing it was only a glimpse
a weekend away
a mountain escape
no practical way to see them
everyday but they continued
to call
telling me I had to find a way
they missed me they needed
me they were waiting for me
and now this new view out
my new front door
is honestly
what both of us
the trees
and me
we are
here for


  1. Oh, the view. I looked at looked at it. Then the words “I have dreamed of these trees” capturing my mind and leading me into and through a poem straight from your heart.

    1. You have listened and wandered through this wild journey for almost two years now. I know you know how much I have longed for a view like this and it feels really good to share it. I am so grateful for this view and a place to express it from πŸ™‚

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