Reflecting You

Photo By: Carrie

Your view of the world, full
with wonder delighting

in the clouds
and the moon following

You seeing the big picture wider
than most asking so many questions

about how it all works continuing

Singing to the trees feeling
the breeze on your cheeks

the ocean waves quieting
your soul lulling you

With her tides you take it all in
striding towards

the next discovery digging
running always humming

The beat of your own drum drumming
loudly and off key

but it doesn’t matter really
you are living

As you must in the moment expressing
so much

even when you are just staring
past your reflection seeing

Knowing so much is waiting
out there ready for you

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness challenge. The collection is wonderful each week, please view it HERE. (I will update the link when the post is live)


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