WPC: Happy Place

Photo By: Carrie

Under the canopy
of leaves ready
looking up to the harmonious
rustle my soul
singing together

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme, “My Happy Place”, you can find more entries HERE. My blog name is representative of my happy place (The Shady Tree) and so is this photograph. Trees have always held a positive place in my life. They make me feel held and secure. I find myself looking up in wonder at them so often, especially now.

This particular tree I had the pleasure of laying under for more than two hours one day.

Photo By: Carrie

I was participating in a 5 day women’s retreat in Portland, OR. This stunning tree was on the property of where I was staying. We ate our handmade nourishing lunches under her every day, we started all of our mornings under her as well and one afternoon I laid under her, listening, drifting in and out of sleep like the slight winds drifting between her leaves.

Photo By: Carrie

It was an experience, to have enough time to myself, to sit or lay as long and I wanted, with no one disturbing me, not even myself. I am still feeling the benefits, two full months later.

Photo By: Carrie


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