MMC- Bridges

Photo By: Carrie

This week, Leanne Cole has asked those participating in Monochrome Madness this week to send images with bridges in them. She has a theme at the beginning of each month. It is incredible to see how everyone has interpreted the same word. Please check the gallery out by following the link to her blog.

My family bikes across this bridge spanning the Mad River when we take a bike ride. I knew I wanted to try to photograph this bridge when I saw the theme. It was difficult at first to figure out how to photograph it. There is a bike trail through the center and on either side there is a 12 ft high rusted chain link fence protecting riders from the strong winds that whip up the river from the ocean not far away and the edge of the bridge. It is an eye sore if you are trying to find an interesting photograph. But, there was a small hole in the fence that I got my arm and camera through and liked what I saw through the viewing screen so I went for it.


  1. I like your problem solving skills, Carrie. You found a way to change an eye sore to an intriguing photograph. I like the visual of you contorting yourself, poking your arm and camera through a hole, and being rewarded. Determination pays.

    1. So true! Yes, I won’t forget my boys faces wondering if I was going to huck my most prized possession (aside from them) into the river or what else I would be doing handing my arm through a fence 🙂 I love this view it is expansive and simple.

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