Photo By: Carrie

Cooped up air laying
flat to the floor
an unwanted blanket draped

Over my body suffocating
my sleep my dreams
and just when it feels like hope is lost
I drift

The feeling
into sleep for the night
when I wake it is still there still
I pull back

The windows closed
through the night in hopes of lessening
the unpredictable sounds
of highway travelers I can’t take it anymore
the flow of dense cool air

Easily flows through
the screens I rush
sleep still in my eyes
from room to room opening
each window

the cool fresh morning air
into the carpet creeping through the unmade sheets

Like rivers of blue
wonder quenching my thirsty veins
breathing breathe in
now freshly spun


  1. This is such a gorgeous image! One of my all time faves of your work so far… so Fresh!
    Amazing words – once again, you take me right there!!

    1. Awe, thank you so much Robyn. It means a lot to hear that. It was a hot summer day yesterday and this morning I needed that cool air to return to every nook and cranny of my house and body 🙂 I am so thankful for the coastal fog, so thankful!

  2. How wonderful it is when the heaviness of heat, after weighing us down too long, is broken in my corner of Colorado by a cool breeze sliding in from Wyoming. I identified with every word of this poem, Carrie, and the photograph is an excellent representation of the cool air that rescues us.

    1. I never tire of hearing that you “get it”, Janet. Thank you. And, yes, it is such a wonderful feeling to sense the heat broken by a cool welcomed breeze! I was surprised by how deep my disdain for the heat went. I am lucky by all counts now, we live in a coastal setting and the heat rarely stays too long. But, where we came from, it was in my face way more often than not and I never enjoyed it. So, those feelings quickly came back! It felt wonderful to wake up to coastal fog and not have to squint. Wonderful indeed!

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