One Four Challenge: July Week 3

Photo By: Carrie (Be sure and click on this image for the full effect)

I’m a little late to the party this week, sorry. I was finally able to eek out one more version of this image today from my failing laptop. My new, robust desktop arrives in a couple of days. My goal is to get it up and running in time for week 4.

This week I wanted to concentrate on the leading lines and contrast of this image. Mainly focusing on the railroad tracks and the interesting shapes within them.


  • I went back to the original image in LR and played with the crop until I felt like it had something to say.
  • I knew I wanted this version to go Black and White, and I settled on a free preset called ” Sunny Haze”. I liked how it softened the pavement smoothing out the image and bringing forward those unique lines and shapes within the tracks and street.
  • I used the tonal curve feature to slightly enhance the effect, mostly focusing on the shadows and highlights.
  • There is interesting writing in the pavement in the middle left third of the image that I wanted to enhance as well. So I used the radial filter feature in LR to bring out its details and contrast a bit more.

Please be sure to check out Robyn’s latest version HERE and find out all the details about this incredible challenge she brings together each month. You can find other participants work there too, in the comments or use your tag search with the tag “One Four Challenge”.

Here are all of my versions thus far. Any feedback or suggestions are always encouraged. Hope to see you next week.


  1. This close crop works really well. I love all the lines and patterns and the way the eye is drawn along them to the glow at the top. 🙂 It suits the monochrome perfectly. Well done.

    1. Oh thank you, Louise. I liked how the sunlight rounded out the top of the image. I really likes the softening of the pavement, it was rather grainy last week.
      I really appreciate your feedback!

      1. I understand, its been SO COLD here that I havent been able to work on my big computer in the evenings like I normally do cos its too expensive to heat the whole house – my big PC is in my bedroom. And I miss it like mad 🙂

    1. Hi Lore, good to hear you are enjoying these edits. This is a fun image to work with, there is more within than with some other images I have tried. Black and White and train tracks…a lovely pairing usually. Glad you agree!

  2. Wow, this is great Carrie! Cropping this way (and removing colour) makes it all about patterns and lines and makes me feel that I am sitting on an airport runway for some reason.
    Very minimal. Very successful 😀

    1. I thought it felt very minimal and modern…not really my usual style but it works for me 🙂 Thank you, Robyn.
      I hope to get my entry in by mid-week. My new computer gets here tomorrow! I can hardly wait.

    1. 🙂 I can see where your eyes could play tricks with this tight crop. Especially with the smoothed pavement from the effect I used.
      Thanks! I am having fun with the different crops with this image, some images scream “crop me!” this one is saying that to me!

    1. Oh thank you, Lynne. I really appreciate you taking a closer look and taking time to offer your feedback. I have enjoyed working on this image this month. Hopefully I will get one more version out before the end of the week. If my new computer arrives that will happen!

    1. Thanks Ben, I’m not done quite yet 🙂 My compute is giving me trouble. I hope to have a final version this week.
      Happy to hear you like this version. It is minimal yet intriguing. Or so, it feels to me. Thanks so much for your comment and feedback!

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