Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Photo By: Carrie

The High Sierra Nevada is like a parallel universe. It exists as it is, dynamic and full of profound beauty. Ready and waiting for me to walk among its towering ridge lines and granite faces while finding my soul’s reflection in its alpine lakes. It waits for my return so patiently. I am usually not as patient. I am having severe technical difficulties…my computer is on its last leg, so slow and sometimes unresponsive. I have so much to share and no easy way to do so at this time. So, please bare with me. I will be back as soon as I am able. **This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme…”Half and Half”. I chose this image for it’s incredible split between real and reflection. You can find more entries, HERE.


    1. Seriously! I am ordering a new desktop as I type 🙂 Should be here by the end of the week! Getting a monitor configuration software too (any tips?), look out. I have been editing and processing images on a laptop with no mouse for all this time…looking forward to moving up!

      And, thank you Robyn. This is such a special place…feels like you are sitting in one of those open portals to the Universe 🙂 always appreciate my time there. I am able to comment fine, I have another computer that works for that. BUT I don’t have access to my images, like my One Four Challenge versions 😦 Doing my best with what I have…happy to have the opportunity to replace when it is necessary.

      1. Carrie – that is exciting!! Enjoy it when it comes 😃 You might have to pry yourself away 😜
        I’m usually pretty techie, but when it comes to monitors and calibration etc., Im still learning myself. Way too late of course.
        Your laptop sounds like it might be full of wonderful images..lol
        Good luck working it all out Carrie.

        This image is perfect in monochrome!

      2. I liked the monochrome effect for half and half as well 🙂 Yep, looking forward to getting back on track! Thank you so much 🙂

  1. I love the parallel universe analogy! The image is almost surreal. I’m sorry you’re having such awful technical difficulties :(. No fun for sure. We will be here when you get back. Sometimes the universe has a way of directing our attention!

    1. I have some great images from here to share…when I get my new computer! Thanks Laura, it is such a wonderful place. I love that I can share it with my boys now too. My oldest jumped into that lake as did my husband 🙂 Can’t wait to get back there soon, it breathes a lot of energy into my soul. And, yes, you are so right about my attention getting directed elsewhere…all good, I am embracing it.

    1. Thank you, Tina. I love places like this where I feel so insignificant compared to what is around me. The Reflection just exaggerates that notion I think.
      New computer coming my way, YAY!!

  2. What an amazing picture. I never did get to see northern CA in my time out west, and someday I hope to get there. Enjoy your new computer- I’m sure you will appreciate it so much after struggling with a dying one.

    1. Hi Miriam! Yes, it shipped today, wahoo! Can’t wait to get up and running with a functioning PC. Thanks so much for your comment!
      The Sierra Nevada are really more central, even Southern California than Northern CA. I must say it is a top 5 place of all the places I have been in my life. The Majesty is humbling. My husband and I hiked a long stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail before having kids through the Sierra Nevada. We both said we were excited to share this with our kids, I love that this access point is easily accessible for our family. It is quite a view!

  3. A gorgeous image, Carrie. I hope your computer issues are sorted out soon. I’ve just given up on my old laptop and invested in a nice new one…

    1. Yep, gave up on the laptop…new desktop coming tomorrow or Friday. Looking forward to seeing images on a stand alone monitor and having enough space to store images and run programs! Looking forward to it.
      Thanks for the feedback on this image, it is such a special place. I am always in awe when I walk among these granite walls!

  4. The High Sierras hold my heart. You captured them with your words and photograph; and I felt homesick. You’re worth waiting for, Carrie; we’ll be around when you return. Problems with technology give me a headache, but I don’t know what we’d do without it. Hope your difficulties end soon.

    1. Thank you, Janet. Yes, homesick, I know that feeling well. It was easier to say, “until next time.” On this trip because I am so much more fulfilled with what surrounds me now. Although, there is a pull of wildness, adventure, letting go that is very hard to detach from.
      My computer will be here today!! Can’t wait. I am itching to create with my images again…it has been a long time. So good to know you will be waiting 🙂 Thank you!

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