On The Way

Photo By: Carrie

There is a space that holds
me between

The storm and the sun
sometimes it is a comfort to know

I have time to marvel
at the skies

I have to decide which way

I will travel
the rain often calls me

As the sun warms my back
other times seeing the clouds building getting heavy

And dark finding power
from somewhere other than where I can see

Feelings eminent and powerless
and I try anything to flee

If only I had access to the view
of where I have come

So that for as long as I can
I will see

And remember
the blue sky

** It is time for Monochrome Madness again, you can find all the entries at Leanne Cole’s blog HERE.


    1. Thank you! I couldn’t stop taking photographs of them. I hoped that I might catch a massive strike of lightening but it was not to be. They were impressive though!

    1. Thank you! For reading and feeling, Janet. It is always so lovely to know you get it. I took this image on our recent road trip and we just recently, FINALLY, sold our house that has been rented or sitting for a year waiting for someone to buy. And, now, I am in this space…in between…where there is nothing happening at the moment but so much is behind us and lots is brewing in front of us too. It is quite a view!

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