Flowers on Friday: Wild Rose

Photo By: Carrie

As I write this we are on the road, enjoying a family vacation. I miss writing everyday but I must admit I was feeling rather depleted before we left for our trip. The words were flowing but then there was no more thought or creative energy for photography or poetry once they were on the page. I was running on empty.

It has taken a full week to feel a bit more like myself. I woke up this morning as the sun was peaking over the roof of my parents neighbor’s home, I didn’t say good morning to anyone. I grabbed my camera and walked outside to the sun drenched leaves, flowers and palm fronds to get lost in the details. That sure felt good.

I captured this image a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t get over how much it reminded me of looking through a high-powered microscope. The stamens look like they could come to life and fly away. I was at our local marsh, taking a much-needed morning walk alone. This is the wild California Rose.

Our trip continues for at least another week. I can’t get over how wonderful it feels to spend quality, uninterrupted time with my family. You’ll here from me on my return.


    1. Thank you, Louise. I love this flower too. It is delicate and intricate, makes for great macro! We are right in the middle of our vacation, loving it so far and really looking forward to the camping adventure ahead!

  1. This must be similar to the wild beach roses we have here in New England. I love them. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

    1. They are rather special, aren’t they. Interesting to know you see them in New England as well. I don’t know much about them, I just admire, closely 🙂 Thank you, Miriam. We are really enjoying ourselves.

    1. Doesn’t it take a few days to get out of that fog? So interesting and liberating 🙂 We just returned from a 2 week road trip…it feels good to be home. Thank you Cybele!

  2. Oh my goodness…this is beautiful! And once again I haven’t seen you in my reader at all. 😦 Not sure what is going on here. I know that WP is having issues with the IOS app right now. I can’t see any blogs I follow. But even here on my computer I’m not seeing your posts. And I only use the reader now and not links. Boo hoo 😦

    1. Hi Laura 🙂 I haven’t posted (except for this post) in two weeks. So, you did find me! I was on an epic road trip with my family. We just got back yesterday. I have so many photographs…it is more overwhelming than unpacking. I can’t wait to share them, trying to work out a good strategy to do so. We drove from Arcata to Oceanside, to Phoenix and Flagstaff then over 40 to Barstow and up 395 through the Sierra to Redding and back to Arcata. So fun!!

      1. WOW! That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see what you got. Did you go above Flagstaff? The mountains up there are really pretty! We drove that on the way to the grand canyon. Glad I didn’t miss you then. 🙂 Welcome home!

      2. Those mountains are beautiful. We didn’t go North from Flagstaff, we took 40 west to Barstow and then 395 north. Thanks, it feels good to be home 🙂

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