A Whisper

Photo By: Carrie

 Clam Beach, CA

I hear them
hours before

yet firmly get your feet
to the shore

Find that space
solid ground and endless water

Where the whispers get
They stick
to my feet and calves

Weighing me
down so I deeply relax
and begin to hear

The wisdom and love
and wants dedication
and strength knowing
and bravery that lives

Because I chose to listen
to the whispers


      1. Exactly, that is how it feels. My boys love the dunes there and all the driftwood. I love the vastness and lack of people! And the 10 min drive to get there 🙂

  1. You captured my experience with the ocean, Carrie. When I was much younger, I left my mountain home and spent 6 months, two different winters, living with the ocean in Mexico. I’ve heard those whispers. I love how you write.

    1. I love your comments, Janet. They give me strength and courage to continue to share my words. I am so touched.
      Living for 6 months at a time in Mexico sounds like a true adventure! I have never lived so close to the ocean and this is a new beautiful relationship that I tend to embrace. I love how I feel when looking at this view, I feel open with out feeling exposed what a feeling!

    1. That is how I feel, beautifully subdued…when I am enjoying views like this. These images are so fun to work on! Thank you so much, Laura!

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