Climb Up

Photo By: Carrie

Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

Here again
up with no path
No instructions no way through
or under

Just knowing

I can’t, I won’t stay
at the base
This wall

Beautifully lush
Waiting for me to rest
and give up

No stopping me
trying climbing scrambling sliding
hoping willing wondering feeling
touching scratching clawing smashing
holding grunting fighting smelling
Surviving this

Scampering I may lose
my grip

But this wall will not be
the last place
I see

There is light
at the top
Guiding me

This is the way


Nothing can stop


  1. Great poem illustrating an indomitable spirit. The middle verse with its repetition of meaningful “ing” words is particularly compelling; it sang to me, Carrie.

    1. The “ing” words came forth much faster than I could type! It was an outpouring of emotion that felt wonderful to write out.
      I wrote this the day our house went on the market for the second time in a year. We have been riding an incredibly vulnerable and scary line financially this past year. It was necessary to jump to this place, this life we have wanted. But, there have been a number of crazy moments this past year and when our house went on the market on Monday, this was my emotional state, realizing I am not done fighting for me, for my family, which felt really great to know. Thank you, Janet, for your comment your words always make me smile!

    1. Curious to know what you mean, Laura? The feeling of being so small and protected? The ferns? The view from the ground? The feeling or need to climb? I love the woods too!

      1. Oh…yeah I guess I wasn’t very clear was I. You mean you’re not a mind reader??? 😉 I love looking up at the beautiful green ferns and feeling the power of mother nature and how small we are in her presence.

      2. 🙂 Thanks for clearing that up! I thought as much. YES, I so agree with you. You will have to visit this stunning canyon when/if you come north, it is worth the little bit of effort.

      3. You’re welcome 🙂 SOME day! We are starting a remodel in July so this year we will be staying here. I hope we will get up there next year!

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