Photo By: Carrie

Me giving so much
You always
Find me

I feel you arching
From your roots

You bending

You see me

I am so thankful
The breeze through your leaves
Cooling my mood

Calming my arms
They begin to sway with
You rustle in approval

And I know I am
Not alone

**This post is part of Monochrome Madness, brought together each week by Leanne Cole. You can find all the entries for this week, HERE. Next week is a theme inspired week, we are all working on a “water” themed photograph. I found mine this weekend, can’t wait for next week to share.


    1. Hi Laura, thank you for sharing that you enjoyed this image. It grabbed me for the same reasons you describe, the trunk was really lovely and lucky for me so was the view looking up!

      1. Ha! Yes, exactly! Luckily, this tree was bent over quite a bit. Giving me the angle I needed without making me work too hard 🙂

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