Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Photo By: Carrie (please click on this image for best viewing results)

Grizzly Creek State Park, CA

I sat with this
weathered beauty
for as long as I could

when I returned the clear river
waters would carry

Tumbling her pieces
scattering their beauty
history, wholeness now apart

For good
a sadness blanketed my heart
as I am sure anyone
would feel knowing

There was nothing I could do
except to capture her

Broken beauty
her final
resting place
haunting truth

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge brought together by the Daily Post at WordPress. This week’s challenge is to capture and image of something broken. I found this rock in it’s final resting place while camping with my family this weekend. I was struck by its finality, presence and beauty in it’s broken state.

If you want to see more photographs of what “Broken” means to others, click HERE.


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