One Four Challenge: May week 4


Another month complete, I enjoyed working on this photograph this month. I hope you enjoyed the transformation.

This week I went for an old school California postcard feeling. I started with the black and white version from week 1 and started playing around.


  • Started with week 1 and added the preset, Yesteryear from Lightroom
  • Added a graduated filter and adjusted it until I liked the effect, mostly focusing on highlight and shadows, although I made adjustments to most of the settings that I could.
  • At this point I didn’t like the sky, so I adjusted the aqua hue and luminescence. I also adjusted the green saturation to bring out the trees in the background a bit more.
  • Finally, I thought I would try a slightly closer crop and I thought it worked well so I kept it.

I will leave you with a gallery of all the different versions for this month. I would really appreciate hearing in the comments which version you prefer and why.

I am already thinking about images for next month. I hope I find one as enjoyable to work on as this one was. If you are interested in learning more about this challenge please jump over to Robyn’s blog, Captivate Me, for all the details. You can find other participants HERE, in the comments section or by typing One Four Challenge into your search bar for tags on your reader. Thanks so much for following along with me this month.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I thought the colors from the original were rather drab. It was taken in the middle of the day, hence the washed out look. So, I went with monochrome to start…which I wasn’t expecting to spend three weeks on! But, I am glad I did, I found some interesting results.
      Yes, I appreciate the color and joy infused into the photograph too. Thanks!!

  1. The colours look very nice in this Carrie, they still have an almost monotone feel to them, it brings out the warmth in the picture. My favourite is the week 3 edit, it has an old style kids adventure book illustration feel to it! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Katie. I really appreciate your comment. I hadn’t thought of the color version as monotone but now that you mention it, I do see what you mean.
      I am glad this week’s image has a warmth to it, working in black and white for weeks feels a little chilly at times πŸ™‚ Thanks for your feedback, I really love week 3’s image too.

  2. I totally like the old postcard feel. It just needs a few scratches and a stamp 😜
    Im so glad youve enjoyed using this image this month – Ive certainly enjoyed it and I cant believe May is nearly done! Phew..
    How to decide…? This time round I cannot choose. I watched the slide go round and for me they all have merit. Nicely done Carrie. Ive also enjoyed the emotion and sense of wonder attached to this image, by your young man xx

    1. Yes, it is an unfinished “product”, I agree Robyn. I may finish it at some point πŸ™‚
      I love that you can’t decide. That makes me feel really great actually, like I gave this image a good effort πŸ™‚ Wonder from a young one is worth so much, just like a photograph is worth 1000 words! Thank you!!

  3. At first I favored the texture of week 2. Then you go and introduce color and I love the tones. So it is now week 4 for me.!

    1. Yes, that watercolor effect is promising. It took me a long while to find the color tones I was happy with. I am so glad to hear you enjoy them, Emilio. Thank you! Phew. Another month. Looking forward to visiting your old timer car and figuring out the image for next month!

  4. Brilliant edit, Carrie. I love the old postcard effect. My favourite edit is still probably week 2 – my love of children’s picture books decides that πŸ™‚ – but they’re all great.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Louise! I totally understand why the watercolor effect would swoon you. I can really see that edit in a children’s book too. This was a really fun image to work on, must have been the added sentimental factor πŸ™‚

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