Photo By: Carrie

Just this morning
I felt it again speeding
Up minutes ticking away into
Half hours then days
Taking flight flying by the morning
Routine a blur as am I

Packing your lunch your backpack
Looking worn I remember
Picking it out sewing
The special monster face pencil bag on its cover
You proudly walked on
The sidewalk to your new

School in new clothes bravely
Waving good-bye as I was crying
Overwhelmed at the moment
I was witnessing your perfect
Round face your charming
Sky blue eyes ready

To fly and in the moments since
Your first Kindergarten day
There have been quite a few
I wish I could have helped
Take away so you didn’t have
To feel so much to start

To think
That you are not enough
Once in a while the world slows
Down enough for me to see
You to see me and I know
That you look into my heart

And pick out the words that you need
To carry on bravely wandering
Learning so much
I am watching your thoughts
And learning too
Seeing inside my heart, you


      1. I look forward to it Laura. We just got back from camping in the redwoods the past 3 days. So FUN and so much magic.

  1. Great picture, Carrie and I love the poem. 🙂 Time goes by so quickly that sometimes you wonder where the days have gone. Just thought I’d query, though, in the 4th stanza is it meant to be ‘quiet’ or ‘quite’?

    1. Oh you are good! Yes, it is supposed to be quite. Thank you. And, yes, when it gets close to my oldest sons birthday, I get very nostalgic. Time is a precious thing.

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