A Work of Art

Photo By: Carrie

He is leaving again
Don’t worry
He always comes back as fast
When he leaves I am alone
I fear this feeling, every time

With the kids and their loud
Emotions even my bones
Louder than I remember when
He is around
Sound carries differently in my heart

Settling my mind
Blows calm winds over my surroundings
I don’t spin
Out of control wandering
Circling down rabbit holes chasing

Hollow dreams and worldly worries
He grounds my roots
Waters my soul cooling
My madness softening
My voice holding our seedlings

In his strong arms he knows
Me deeply and admires my
Shadows making light
The night when my nightmares return
Tucking me in to sweeter dreams

Us, we, two intertwined holding
Each other
Life together weathered and knotted
Like a work
Of art


    1. I was in tears a bit while writing it, I must admit. My husband left on Wed. for 3 weeks, he is teaching a field course for geology undergrads. He does it most every summer, it is hard on all of us.
      Another of the poems with/for Gin. After reading her poems for days, I think I was able to tap deeper than I usually do, she is so raw when she writes, it is mesmerizing! Thank you for reading, I so enjoy hearing from you!

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