The Shoreline

Photo By: Carrie

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

When no one is
Looking from any direction
Or aware of my plight towards
The water I go it talks
To me singing in waves
And sea bird songs daring
Me to get my feet wet
The song is a whisper at first
But gradually gets louder with each verse

Pressing me to get there
To the side of the shore to feel
The breath of the mist
The song finds a harmony and repeats
The chorus as I move closer
To the never straight line between
The waves and the shoreline my feet
Are wet
Before they hit the waves

The sounds of my soft sloppy steps begin
To read my mind yet there is always
Hesitation when the waves come in
Do I stand in place and let
The water rush
In cleansing the hurts and frustrations I have
Held to for years or do I
Dive deep and swim

**This post is part of Monochrome Madness brought together by Leanne Cole. You can find all the entries for this week, HERE.


    1. He is a fun subject 🙂 I couldn’t get over the quietness to the beach that day (also on Mother’s Day). I love being the only ones there! Thank you, Laura.

      1. So nice you had a peaceful Mother’s Day with your little man! So lucky you live close to such a beautiful place! I do too but oy the traffic! lol

  1. Oh Carrie, this is such a beautiful post and it really hits home with me…both the image and those wonderful words. I love the sea. Did you write that poem? I love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan. Your comment really means so much. Yes, they are my words, all the poems on my blog are mine 🙂 I have found an intimate connection with my photographs and words, I am so happy to hear you connected with them today too. Thank you!

    1. Less is so much more! Yes. I can’t believe how unpopulated and marvelous the beaches are here. I am so grateful. And my kids are so lucky, to get to explore as they wish without so many people getting in their way.

  2. I live in the mountains, they are my life breath, but when I go to the sea I wonder how I get by day to day without it. My soul thrilled to this post. Did you know where your poem was going as you began to write it or were you surprised by the turn it took in the last verse? Very powerful.

    1. Hello Janet, yes I hear you. I am like you, I love the mountains/trees/trails/rocks and find such strength standing on their surface. I have never lived near the Ocean, it is a new experience for me and I must say I am hooked. While the mountains give me strength and reassurance, the water opens me up, makes me vulnerable and I love it.
      I can’t get over how fortunate I am to live where I do. I have mountains. old growth redwoods, trails to gain strength from and the Ocean is a 10 to 15 min drive away. The best of both worlds is within my grasp everyday. I am FULL.
      This is one of the poems I wrote with/for Gin. I approached writing them the same way I usually do…and no! I never know where my words are going. I have a thought/theme I start with but it really feels like I am not thinking while I write, I just let the words flow. It is such a cleansing feeling. I am so happy to hear this poem resonated with you, the expanse of the ocean is a powerful energy indeed. Maybe you need to plan a visit to Humboldt County???

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