Photo By: Carrie

Richardson Grove State Park, CA

Smooth motion-filled grooving
To the natural rhythms winding
Weathering weeping creeping
Sharpness disappears
With time fluid
Thoughts with nothing
To snag on floating
Through the craggy rooted log now
Turned on her side
The trees now towering
Above see the delicate despair
And bend towards their fallen
Letting her know she
Is cared for
Not alone
Always their friend

**Monochrome Madness, brought together by Leanne Cole is HERE again. My boys and I went camping a couple of weeks ago, my boys played on the roots of this tree for a long time, hanging from the edges and running wildly along the 300 ft of fallen tree. Good times.



    1. Oh thank you! I must admit, I am really fond of this image too. I was so happy to see it come out so fluid like in BW. And as you know, the poem always comes from my heart, so your thoughts of enjoying my words are so touching! Thanks so much, Louise.

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