One Four Challenge: May week 2

I am not sure why I am at all surprised, I thought this image would be a nice, easy first month back from the break. But, as I have learned with this challenge, it is a true challenge each week I take part. I am not complaining, just noticing how much this challenge really pushes me. I like that.

I thought I would go with a color image this week but finding the right tones is proving challenging. So, I am continuing to work on that edition for another week and decided to focus this week on a FotoSketcher effect. I used the watercolor effect with the photograph from last week.

Photo By: Carrie

There are a number of qualities of this effect that I appreciate. The details of the trees in the background, the details remaining of the rock in the foreground shadow and most importantly the sky. Oh and I can’t forget the water, it looks like there is motion to the water, which I enjoy too.

As for my exact steps, that is hard to know because I was tinkering a lot within FotoSketcher. My process with that program is to test out many different effects changing the settings here and there as I go. I save a number of the ones I think I might like and then look them over in greater detail after I feel like I have enough to choose from. It is a bit of a clunky process but works for me.

For those of you who are not familiar with this challenge, here are some details. Robyn from Captivate Me, hosts this challenge each week. It is a monthly challenge, where you chose one image and create 4 different edits over the course of 4 weeks. You tag your post, One Four Challenge, and can find other participants through your tag search or on Robyn’s post for the week, HERE.

I would enjoy hearing your feedback and ideas, Happy Mother’s Day! I wrote a Mother’s Day poem and posted it on Friday, if you didn’t get a chance to read it…here it is.


  1. Oh Carrie – I had to laugh – easy…lol.. I know exactly what you mean.
    This challenge does stretch us and I too like that 🙂
    I really like this version! Actually I like both 1 and 2 for different reasons, which as you say is what the challenge is all about.

    Love the detail, that this second version brings out in the trees, rocks etc. and it adds some fabulous gritty texture!
    ..and love the depth of field and the subtle leading lines (tyre track, wave line, sun low etc) and the wispy clouds in the first one.
    Perhaps a combining of the two? A thought 😀

    1. Ahh yes, the inevitable combo. I will see what it looks like. I think I can do that in FotoSketcher actually.
      I am so glad you were laughing, I was too! Yes, I agree with you. I am enjoying both versions for those reasons. It is a nice image to work with, I like seeing my boy proudly pondering the vast scenery!

      1. It does seem inevitable doesn’t it?
        Oh cool, will look forward, as always to your next steps 😃
        Yes, it is wonderful to ponder on our children, especially as they ponder nature.. or conquer it…lol!!

  2. Nice work Carrie. Never as easy as it looks or promises to be😊 i like the sketch look to this and the fact there is only a hint of colour, but plenty of detail. Looking forward to the next two!

    1. Thank you, Ben! I can understand your lack of enthusiasm around the sketcher apps. I like your book cover idea…I can see it 🙂

    1. That is so nice to hear, thanks Louise. I think you will like this next edit too. I just finished it. Looking forward to sharing it in a couple days!

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