An Act: Balance

Photo By: Carrie

Magicians, hurts disappear
Casting the spell of love
Over themselves their kin
The world everyday balancing
Likes strengths dreams

Needs of more than a few giving
Before they get to have a say
In whatever grateful
For a shower
Dishes that find their own way

To the sink for impromptu moments
Where their child’s soul is open
And glistening for the belly laughs
Coming from the tub
The singing from the backseat

Out of tune to their favorite song
All the while balancing what
Feels like on one foot
With a so many things emotions
Dreams hanging from their arms

The magic being in
The moment no matter how deep the mud
Because that is where
The everyday magic happens
Balanced or not


    1. Thank you, Laurie 🙂 This one means a lot as does your comment. I never know how the final poem will read until I break it up. It starts as one run on sentence, like a stream of consciousness. I was pleasantly surprised to see how that 3rd stanza worked itself out. I enjoy it too 🙂
      Hope your Mother’s Day was grand.

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