Spring’s Dark Side

Photo By: Carrie

Bountiful colors untouched
Newbie innocent wonder exposed
The elements weather
Can’t make up her mind blowing
Chills up your spine
Changing the feeling, excitement
Anticipation of happy
Feelings darker deeper
The cliff feels
Steeper and you start scrambling
For a root a vine a somebody
Before you slide
Farther than you can




  1. The contrast you draw in this poem is so powerful, Carrie, and “before you slide farther than you can climb” resonates in so many different ways; it can mean whatever the reader brings to it.

    1. I don’t know about you but I find spring a challenging season. I always have. And, we are facing some serious challenges at the moment…all of which will get resolved in their due time but the lack of control of the outcomes brought this poem to life.
      I must admit, my parents who read this blog, were very unsettled with this post. They are good loving parents 🙂 It is so wonderful to read your comment and see that you saw the light and the dark! Thank you.

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