On the Fence

Photo By: Carrie

Protecting us
From the cliff the steep

Side canyon face the deathly drop
Towards our demise they stand

Their ground no letting down
Unless there is a relentless

Wild wind to blow them down
As an onlooker you must

Make a choice to stay safe
Secure or wander over

When no one is
Looking under or through

Why is it always so
Damn tempting

**This week’s monochrome madness entry includes a theme, “fences”. We were encouraged to take a photograph of a fence and convert it into monochrome. The theme posts are always at the beginning of each month, you can see the entire gallery (one for the theme entries and one for those who didn’t take part) at Leanne Cole’s blog, HERE.

I really was on the fence about this week’s post. I had two images in mind. One (above) was more abstract and minimal, which I am into and really enjoying at the moment. The other (below) a beautiful landscape in the morning as the sun was peaking over the hillside near our campsite from a recent trip.

Which do you prefer? I would love to hear your opinion.

Photo By: Carrie



  1. The soft misty hills, the variety of trees, and the texture and strength of the weathered fence bring me wonderful memories of when I camped with my young family. I’d love to feel again the damp coolness of a morning that you captured so well. I think the second photo has soul.

    1. Hi Mercy, that is such a lovely comment. Thank you. I am so touched that you felt all of that through my photograph. It was as you describe, I live for mornings like that!

      1. Thank you, Janet. It is an inviting place. We sat at the bank of the river for two days. My boys didn’t want to leave!

  2. I love both photos, Carrie! The moss on the first really appeals – I always like an abstract shot – and the second is wonderfully atmospheric. 🙂

    1. Oh good, you are on the fence like me! I like both for the exact reasons you describe.
      I love the final curl of the fence rail in the background of the first and the early morning light and detail in the fence in the second draw me in.
      Thanks for your feedback!

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