Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Photo By: Carrie

Details welcoming eyes
Breath arms rest intricately
Intertwined between
Our heart and our head
Our trunk and our budding branches
Connected to the sights
Sounds the wind
The Earth you me
Natural beauty together
Connected seamlessly

**This is post is part of the weekly photo challenge, this week’s them “Intricate”. You can view more intricate photographs, HERE.


      1. You’re welcome! Keep up the good photography work. If I ever get my camera I may have to join you in some assignments. 🙂

      2. Yes! The photo challenges really are great fun. Are you saving up for a camera? I see lovely photos on your blog, why don’t you think you could join in? I am using a point and shoot for my photos, all types of cameras are welcome 🙂

      3. Oh, thank you for the encouragement! Well…I’ve been “saving” for a DSLR since 2009…so it may be a while. haha! What do you use? Right now all I’m using is my camera phone. Even my point-and-shoot is about to kick the bucket. Maybe I’ll try to revive it, and if I can, I’ll join in. 🙂 I’ve been drooling over this today…just for fun…http://instax.com/

      4. I thought I wanted a DSLR too. But then I realized that I would need to buy at least 2 to 3 lenses to feel happy about what it could do for me. Which each lens is so pricey! (think more than the camera body) So, I started looking for something that was good with macro and I read review after review and settled on the Sony RX100, the first of the three versions. I got it for $490 and I LOVE it. It has raw capabilities, you can print images at high quality up to 48 inches, the macro capability is fantastic and it fits in my pocket! It was at the top of my budget but the fact that I don’t have to buy other lenses for it and it does many aspects of photography well, it is enough camera for me.
        I have heard great things about the Fuji X30 as well, comparable price to the Sony RX100. If you have saved more than $500 at this point. The new Sony NEX-5TL is a pretty incredible camera. It has interchangeable lenses and works like a DSLR but is 1/3 or more of the price! The pancake lenses are super sharp and way less than traditional lenses. (think $250 for a macro lens which costs 800 to 1000 for a traditional DSLR)
        I decided I wanted to have the freedom to be with my kids (they are busy and quick!) and didn’t want to get lugged down by needing to change lenses and carrying all my gear. A higher end point and shoot and a good editing software, which you can get by subscribing per month for ($10 per month) and you are set! Don’t delay your creativity…is what I say 🙂

      5. Thanks for the great info! You gave me a lot to think about. Choices choices! :)And yes, I hear you…when I get the photography bug and can’t do much about it it drives me nuts! The only thing I’m unsure of with a high end point and shoot is that I would like to be able to fiddle with the settings…I’m not sure how much control something like that would give me…I also would like to have something that I could work with in low-light settings if possible. Thanks again for the great advice…I’m going to research the cameras you recommended.

      6. Sure, just so you know…the Sony RX100 and the Fuji both have full manual mode so you can fiddle to your hearts content. The aperture on the Sony goes between 11 and 1.4 and is a great low light camera due to it’s extra large sensitive lens which lets in LOTS of light.
        Happy to help, hope you find something SOON that you are happy with 🙂

  1. When it works, it works! And this totally works!! lol Obviously you are the poet and not me and thank goodness because the image and the words here are really wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!

    1. I saw this tree on Friday in a parking lot. It was covered in blossoms and I thought it might work as this theme. I took many photos of the tree, this was the first one I took.
      Finding the words is always a special, personal process. I am so happy they both “work” for you. I really do love to share them 🙂

      1. The blossoms and trunk are just beautiful. I like how you take photos of the trees looking up. And yes you’ve got it allll goin’ on! 🙂

      1. …a parking lot?! I would have never guessed…!!! I wish our parking lots were surrounded by cherry trees as well 😀 But see – the magic lies in the detail… if you are not mindfull of your surroundings, you would never spot such a beautiful detail. Well done ❤

      2. Thank you! Yes, the details move me. I can’t help it, they start calling to me 🙂 The lovely thing about where I live is that people don’t like parking lots! So, there are not very many and there are beautiful trees and flowers to make them less cold. We just moved to this area, I can’t get over all the details!!

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