Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Photo By: Carrie

Constant no beginning
Or end to the rhythm
Your everlasting footprints blurred
You briefly catch yourself up
In the fury and marvel at the push
Continue moving
This direction and that never walking
Only running skipping jumping


Crawling like your latest animal
Obsession towards the next place
To land I wonder if you will
Lift off one of these days
When it happens
Do you mind, can I fly too?
With you I finally know how
To embrace the ride

**This is part of the weekly photo challenge. This week’s prompt, “Motion” you can find all the entries, HERE. This image was taken with no shutter adjustments. The wind was blowing about 35 mph or more making the sand swiftly glide past us naturally. My son thought he might get lifted up like a kite, so he tried to make it happen.


    1. Oh thank you, Louise. I am so glad to hear that. It helped to think of my son, in constant motion, as he always is! This was a photograph taken on my 40th birthday (a couple months ago). I wanted to go down to the beach, it was so blustery and energizing! I love this photograph, it holds a special meaning for me.

    1. This image means a lot to me, Ben. First off, I am so fortunate to have it, I happened to click at just the right time. My boy is fast and doesn’t really like his picture taken, so there was one split second opportunity.
      The sand flying by was so incredible, it was very blustery but the wind was moving in one direction. And, I love your deeper thoughts here…I find myself sinking into this image and seeing so much, too. I really appreciate your comment!

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