Photo By: Carrie

Come forward
In with the tide going out
Towards the waters inviting
You in to cleanse to release
Shivering with wonder
At their abilities to refresh
Your thoughts unexpectedly you continue
Deeper trusting their knowing
Enjoying the view and find
Your feet stuck
In the mud, after all



    1. Thank you, Janet! It surprised me too but I chuckled as I wrote it, so I knew I would keep it in. Our local marsh borders the bay before it moves to the Ocean. Quite a place to wander and enjoy. The tide was really out that day, I loved the perspective of this photograph.

    1. Thanks, Laura. I was really intrigued by the tributaries making their way in the mud at the edge of the shore. My MMC image this week is from this place too. It is quite a view, love the expanse it showcases. And, when the tide is out, it is like another world!
      Oh, I wanted to give you a heads up, the One Four Challenge is starting back up next Sunday. If you are interested…gives you a week to find a photograph you want to work on over the next month. 🙂

      1. Oh hmmm maybe I will do that challenge. I don’t know how it works. Do you have the link? I’m not doing monochrome for awhile now. i am burned out on it so this seems like a fun new thing for me. Thanks Carrie!

      2. Sure, here is the introductory post from Robyn. It sounds complicated but it isn’t. We post on the first four Sunday’s in a month. So, the 3th of May will be the start for May for us, it’s the 4th for those in Australia.
        Tag your post with “One Four Challenge”, ping a link to Robyn’s post if you like also. Chose one image that you work on for the whole month. Some people make small adjustments throughout the month while others work out 4 very different images. If you look in your tags search under One Four Challenge you will easily see how wide open the possibilities are.
        In your post each week, you give a small or more in-depth description of the steps you went through to achieve your image. Each week we share the last week’s images and at the end we include the original and a poll for people to vote on their favorite, all optional of course. I think you would enjoy it, getting a 3rd and 4th edit out of an image is challenging, in a good way! And, those who participate are very positive and supportive of the process, which is great too. Hope to see you this month!

  1. Maybe it’s good to have our feet stuck in the mud? That’s the way I’m interpreting it anyway 🙂 Keeps us from being swept away.

    1. Nice, Miriam! I think there is some truth to that. As I was writing this poem, the underlying thought for me was that life is messy and even when you are on a path towards learning, growing, forgiving your own self for misuse, there is always mud, it’s messy but nothing to fear.

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