Aperture Spring

Our local marsh surprises me each time I walk through and along its narrow rock strewn paths. I never know when but every time there is always a moment that lifts my spirits instantly. The colors of the season, dew drops shimmering with the angle of the sun, sea birds wings buzzing my ears, the deep movement of the grasses. The paths meander in a pattern similar to the braided streams making their way to the Ocean, split apart by nature finding a way to continue downstream.

Today these colors, freshly sprung greens and rich deep pinks remind me of my wedding color palette.

A field singing its simple tune with no one but me to notice, my son sensing I will be here a while, he continues along the path a ways more finding his own enjoyment, smart boy. The ground is damp from dew and the rains from the days before. The lower I go the better the view.

All I keep thinking about is the dreaminess I see. My eyes trying to focus on one or the other color. When I let my eyes and in turn my lens melt the colors together I see just what I want to, spring.



    1. 🙂 I am in love with my aperture setting! Especially with all the gorgeous springtime blooms around here. The subjects are endless, I am enjoying the practice. Thank you. So much to see and create!

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