Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat (2)

Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

This is the first time I have posted two entries to a photo challenge, I have a third I am debating on. For some reason, this weekend there were multiple moments to capture things afloat. My favorite floating objects, my boys, no doubt about it. I can instantly hear their squeals of joy through these photographs.

**This post is part of the weekly photo challenge, to view more entries of “Afloat” click HERE.


    1. Thank you, Leanne! Yes, you got it right…they were so happy and enjoying the moment for sure. My first true action shots on my own manual settings, I am so proud 🙂 It was fun having them jumping almost right on top of me, I loved the perspective!

    1. 🙂 Yes, you nailed it. We each enjoyed ourselves very much. Except when my older one would pull himself out of the sand wildly blowing sand all over me and my camera!

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