Manual Mode Satisfaction

(Please click on an image to view the full details of the leaves)

These are the images I captured last week during a break in a rain shower. This tree sits right outside my sons preschool. The kids run out of the classroom and jump into the trunk of this tree climbing its branches everyday after school lets out. This is one happy tree.

I have watched it bloom with beautiful white flowers, drop many of its leaves and now new leaves are exploding among its branches. The rain stopped and the sun peaked through the rain cloud leaving the sky white with clouds and not too much sun to over expose the images.

This was one of the first moments where I could instantly see if I was on auto mode my camera would not have taken this photograph. Recently, as I noted in an earlier post, I switched to Manual mode and I am sticking to it, even if I don’t have the hang of it in all situations. I am learning so much and in this case I was grateful to have it already there, ready for me to compose the image I saw.

I was overriding my cameras computer, what a trip. I made it focus on what I wanted it to and not under expose the leaves because the light meter was reading that there was so much light. It was like magic! These leaves were hanging a little higher than eye level and at the end of the branch. I have done very little to process them, just brightened the greens a touch and raised the clarity while lowering the highlights to promote the details in the leaves.

I wanted to share the color version of my monochrome image from yesterday. Which one sits best with you? The best viewing is by clicking on the photograph, you will see all the intricate details of the leaves this way.


    1. Thank you, Ben. I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback. I was a bit surprised at the amount of detail that was captured. I spent a couple hours yesterday doing some macro images in manual mode, they are so fun to create! I have yet to experiment with the different metering modes, that will be next on the list I think. I am just working my way through different environments and opportunities slowly. I want to get a good feel for different settings and scenarios. I am enjoying learning!

    1. Yes, long and interesting! I am getting the hang of some situations but mostly I am enjoying the process of capturing what I see instead of what the camera thinks I see! So liberating.

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